Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tech Savvy Advice

Parents, teachers, librarians, and students—we all use modern technology on a daily basis. There are so many options for its uses, such as homework, research, social media, and games. The classroom and library have become hubs for technology geared to kids and teens.
In March, YALSA is celebrating their 5th Teen Tech Week. According to their site, "Teen Tech Week is a national initiative aimed at teens, librarians, educators, parents, and other concerned adults that highlights nonprint resources at the library." The 2011 theme is Mix and Mash @ your library, which will focus on "encouraging teens to use library resources to express their creativity by developing their own unique online content and safely sharing it by using online collaborative tools."

The books in this month's tech feature focus books focus on technology—its history, its "rules," and its many uses.

The Internet and the World Wide Web
Sean Connolly
Use of the internet and the web are so prevalent in present day society that it is hard to remember that as recently as twenty years ago hardly anyone was familiar with terms such as download, web site, or e-mail. The technology has advanced so quickly that, in many cases, young people use the internet and web with more ease than the adults who are interacting with them. The possibilities and promises in this technology are great, but there can be risks involved in their use. Beginning with the development of computers and continuing through the extensive and sophisticated uses of the internet and web sites, the book presents an overview of this modern media phenomenon. Some of the risks discussed include the possibility of accessing incorrect or misleading information on web sites, the dangers of revealing personal information to strangers, and identify theft. Lists of suggestions for Netiquette and Safe Use of the Internet are included. Predictions for the future of these media are left open. Appropriate full-color photographs aid in understanding. Questions and activities designed to engage the reader appear in boxes throughout the text. Includes a glossary, bibliography, list of websites, and an index. A good choice for middle grade research. Part of the "Getting the Message" series. 2010, Smart Apple Media, $34.25. Ages 10 to 14. Reviewer: Phyllis Kennemer, Ph.D. (Children's Literature).
ISBN: 9781599203478

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