Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Children’s Literature Continues Under Leadership of Marilyn Courtot

Children’s Literature Continues Under Leadership of
Marilyn Courtot

Marilyn Courtot, the founder of two companies, Children’s Literature and the Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database (CLCD) announces that she will continue as Proprietor of Children’s Literature and has sold her other company, CLCD.

Children's Literature, currently an independent on-line review source, was founded by Marilyn Courtot in 1993 as a monthly print newsletter. It now consists of a review team of more than 125 individuals who read and critically review more than 5,000 books annually. Children's Literature reviewers include book authors, librarians, writers and editors, teachers, children's literature specialists and physicians. The company mission is to help teachers, librarians, childcare providers and parents make appropriate literary choices for children. To that end, Children’s Literature is not affiliated with any publisher and accepts no advertising. Additionally, Children’s Literature currently assists schools, museums, conferences and other organizations in identifying authors and illustrators for speaking engagements. Authors and illustrators provide valuable insight into their craft and connect their audience with the world of literature.

The Children's Literature reviews are licensed to Barnes & Noble and to Borders Books for use on their web sites and in store kiosks. The reviews will continue to be licensed to CLCD, LLC whose new President, Ajay Vijay Gupte, will take ownership on July 1, 2011. Marilyn Courtot will continue as a consultant for the CLCD for the next two years to ensure a smooth transition. Her responsibilities will include many of the tasks that she is currently engaged in.

As Marilyn has said in the past and continues to believe today “A love of books is one of the most treasured values you can give a child. As a trained librarian, I founded Children’s Literature because reading is the most important skill there is in determining a child’s future success. It takes root early on with infants and board books and it never stops growing.” Children’s Literature will continue reviewing and growing to fulfill this mission.

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