Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Take to the Skies

If you’ve read this month’s newsletter or been following CLCD on Twitter (@CLCDreviews) you will know that November is Aviation History Month. John Abbott Nez, a member of our Author and Illustrator Booking Service, has a new picture book about a young boy’s dream to build his own flying airship.

John is an illustrator and author of over fifty books of every sort for children. His newest book, published in May by G.P. Putnam’s Sons, is titled Cromwell Dixon's Sky-Cycle. It tells the amazing true story of America's forgotten 'Boy Aeronaut', who actually built and flew his own flying bicycle over the skyscrapers of Columbus, Ohio in 1907.

“1907 was an amazing age. It was a period when an obsession with flying swept the nation. For the first time in history people were flying and even building flying machines in their own backyards,” says John.

A story of adventure, determination, courage and perseverance it is also filled with amazing home-made inventions in Cromwell Dixon's workshop. John hopes his book “might encourage today's children to get out from behind their computers and go build something out in their backyards.” To see images and a book trailer visit

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