Sunday, November 1, 2009


Hello and welcome to the brand new blog from Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database. We are an ever-growing online subscription database that provides reliable one search access to important and relevant information about PreK-12th grade media. Robust full-text searching and innovative features make this database the number one choice for many children’s and young adult teachers, librarians and other professionals.

By writing this blog we hope to cultivate a sense of community and build a platform for discussion. Our goal is to continue to connect our subscribers with information about books, authors and illustrators around the world, and to connect children and young adults with the books that will make a significant difference in their lives.

Whether CLCD is new to you or you have been with us since the beginning over ten years ago, this blog will give you an inside-look into CLCD—what we are up to at trade shows, conferences, and other events, plus you can expect to hear the buzz on new books and news in the children’s book world. We will share tips and ideas from subscribers on how they best utilize CLCD and how schools, libraries and authors/illustrators are connecting and learning from children all over the country.

Our blog team consists of Marilyn Courtot, President of the CLCD company; Sharon Salluzzo, Newsletter Editor and Library and Education Consultant; Sheilah Egan, Mid-Atlantic Sales Representative; and Emily Griffin, Publicity and Marketing Director. In addition, you will hear from our reviewers, authors and illustrators from our booking service, sales reps, and other support staff. We are all eager to provide you with the latest information on children’s and YA literature.

CLCD contains bibliographic details for 2 million MARC records, more than 350,000 full-text reviews from 38 respected and reliable review sources, reading metrics, American and international awards and prizes, resources for teachers that include curriculum tools and reviews of professional materials, as well as the largest and most up-to-date links to author and illustrators websites available. While traditional books are the mainstay of our service, our database includes reviews of audio books and offers links to e-books. CLCD is updated monthly. Cataloguing records come from the Library of Congress, the Canadian National Library and the British Library. In addition to American review sources, CLCD monthly updates include reviews from Canadian, British, Australian, and Irish review sources and we average more than 2,000 new reviews a month. Sign up for a free trial at

Children’s Literature is an independent review source, whose reviewers read and critically appraise more than 5,000 books annually. Our review staff of over 125 people is comprised of book authors, librarians, writers and editors, teachers, children's literature specialists and physicians. Our mission is to help teachers, librarians, childcare providers and parents make appropriate literary choices for children. We also offer a free monthly e-newsletter and a series of new and updated features each month that highlight authors and book reviews relevant to events that take place during a given month. For example, our November author features include Lois Lowry and her new picture book Crow Call, Jim Murphy and his new book Truce; and Lyn Miller-Lachmann with her brand new title Gringolandia. November is Aviation Month, so we offered a series of reviews addressing the very short history of flight. November also brings one of our favorite holidays—Thanksgiving and we have some tasty offering in that feature. These features and more can be found at

Our Author/Illustrator Booking Service grows weekly and we are proud to have more than 125 participants, such as Susan Roth, Audrey Penn, Mordicai Gerstein, Sneed Collard, Cheryl Harness, Joan Carris, Jacqueline Jules, Carolyn Reeder, Uma Krishnaswami, J. Patrick Lewis, Mary Quattlebaum, Candice Ransom, Lindsay Barrett George, Susan Stockdale, Vicki Cobb, Moira Donohue, Wendie Old, Claudia Mills, Janet Morgan Stoeke, and many more. You can find all of the details at

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  1. The Village Library, a new and small lending library for Camphill Village USA, Inc., an integrated community for adults with and without developmental disabilities, just opened on June 5. We asked all of our special needs adults about the topics they are most interested in and then set to work finding the best books -- your database lead us to the approachable and attractive collection we are assembling. Thank you for the guidance and the expertise you have gathered.