Monday, January 2, 2012

Alison Formento

Alison Formento's first picture book This Tree Counts! (Whitman 2010), proves that trees are for more than just climbing. Alison has written several plays, short stories, and poetry. With a background in journalism, Alison has written for several publications including The New York TimesThe Writer, and Parenting. She grew up in Arkansas and now resides in New Jersey and besides writing everyday and enjoying life with her husband and kids, Alison dreams of someday building a spectacular tree house. She donates a portion of her book sales to help plant more trees.

Visits: Alison's presentations are designed for PreK to 8th grade and blend storytelling and language arts with trees, fun and wit. Children are invited to help make "Human Trees" and act as editors to choose the next story for Alison to write. For third grade and older, Alison offers writing workshops to share her "Idea Seeds" process. She shares her journalism experience, structure and tools for creating stories.

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