Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Want to be a reviewer?

            Would you like to be among the quoted? Children’s Literature is seeking more good reviewers. You may see your reviews printed on jacket covers and in publisher catalogs!

            Children’s Literature receives approximately 6,000 new books each year. Reviewers are not paid, but you do get to keep all of the books that you review. Our reviews are licensed to Barnes & Noble, Borders, and to our sister company, CLCD, LLC. You may also see your reviews on jacket covers, in publisher catalogs, and up on our extensive web site where we provide lots of information at no charge to teachers, librarians, parents, and anyone with an interest in children’s books.

            Our book selections range from tots to teens and in every genre. If you enjoy children and young adult books, have a facility for writing, and are interested in becoming a reviewer, please contact Marilyn Courtot, Editor, Children’s Literature, phone 301-469-2070 or email marilyn@childrenslit.com.

"I agreed to take anything they sent. And have I ever been glad! It has been greatly rewarding, as [Children's Literature] have shared with me books I never would have read otherwise." —reviewer Keri Collins Lewis

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